Going with the Flow


The Big Island of Hawaii has recently been experiencing several dynamic volcanic events. The impressive fissures and lava fountains- isolated to an eastern edge of the island- have now subsided, however, access is still denied to any area recently inundated with fresh magma.


Please note: for the first time in 35 years there are no active, red lava flows anywhere on the island.


The GOOD NEWS! Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park is reopened! While services are limited and access to portions of the park are restricted there still are some truely awesome sights to experience! 

Consider the Volcano the prize jewel of the island, but please know, there are also countless hidden gems. The Big Island overflows with lush jungles and cascading waterfalls, is rich in history and vibrant folklore, and can offer the space and place for the making of memories that last a lifetime.


Come. Let’s go on a Holoholo together!

Imiloa Astronomy Museum