Aloha all! As many of you know, I have an interest in animal mysteries. At Hale Holoholo we have a brand new mystery, again featuring several of our housemates, the Green Anoles (see previous post). We have about 4-8 running around chasing flies, gnats, the occasional cockroach nymph, and generally earning their keep - which involves no output on our end except for providing shelter- our kind of pet. Lately though, instead of hanging around in our houseplants or hunting on other vertical surfaces, they have taken to traversing the horizontal surfaces of our floors, forcing us to watch our step to avoid an unfortunate crunchy misstep. Mystery! I have seen as many as 3 at a time walking calmly on the floor and not caring in the least, of our approach. Yesterday, I felt a crazy role reversal of Godzilla and thinking I was alone, I acted on it. “What are you doing?” Jane, my dear darling wife asks. My explanation elicited only the customary roll of eyes. If I ever figure out this mystery you will be the first to know.

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