The Birth of Earth - New Land, Old Story

includes Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

From the newest black sand beach to
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a timeless tale of lava and land.

Tour Duration: about 6.5 hours.  

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Playing with captive steam vents

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Ready to examine new land formed by the volcanic eruptions of 2018? Hear stories to imagine fountaining fissures and rivers of molten rock. See where the massive lava flows poured into the sea forging new land. It is surreal!

Walk on the 2014 lava flow that came within ¼ mile of Pahoa town. Touch a jagged a'a lava wall created in 2018. Saunter along the newest black sand beach in the world!

Enjoy a seaside picnic lunch before heading up the mountain to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Stroll along level cinder paths edging the crater rim; peer into the depths of Kilauea Caldera. Explore trails that are surrounded by billowing steam vents. Experience the evidence of a living planet and active volcano.

From Hawaiian folklore to the geological history of the formation of the Hawaiian Islands- from seeing where new flow jutted into the sea to the steamy vents at the crater rim, the understanding of the simultaneous destruction and birth of earth is fascinating and sure to be unforgettable!

Possible Itinerary:

Pickup at prearranged location.

Drive to Pahoa town, the site of the 2014-15 lava flow. While there, pick up fresh locally-made lunch.

Scenic drive to Isaac Hale Park and Pohoiki Black Sand Beach. Easy walk to recent lava flows. (No active lava!)

Seaside picnic lunch.

Scenic drive up to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Quick orientation at Visitor Center.

Mix and Match:
20-60 minute- Steam vents trail- volcanic heated steam rising from cracks in the earth and easy walk along the caldera edge
40 minutes- Easy walk along Kilauea Iki Devastation Trail- a hike to the Pu'u Pua'i cinder cone created by the Kilauea Iki eruption
20 minute- Drive along upper portion of Chain of Craters Road

Drive back to Hilo.

Drop off at location of your choice.

$590 plus $20pp park entrance fee
for up to 6 people
(with 5 people, each has a window.)

           Includes all taxes, transportation, a delicious locally made lunch, light snacks & beverages, ponchos & umbrellas, your own photo folder in the "Cloud", stories, jokes, and a knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide.


Does not include the purchase of items of a personal nature such as: souvenirs, "adult" beverages, any fruits or veggies purchased at the local market, etc.