Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring for my adventure?

Click HERE for a one-page document expaining pretty much everything you need to bring. As always, please contact us with any other questions that come up.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We will require payment in full to secure your booking. Cancellation fees are as follows: 100% Refund up to 72 hours prior, 50% refund 72 - 48 hours prior. No refund within 48 hours. As always call or email us with questions. We are happy to work with you.

What is your policy regarding children and car seats?

CAR SEATS: Hawaii requires car seats for children under 6, and boosters for children ages 6-8. Please bring your own child safety seats.

What waivers will I need to sign?

All outdoor activity companies will require a waiver. It's the world in which we live. The waiver information may be found HERE. Call, email, or text with any questions on this.

Are your tour times flexible?

Absolutely. We are happy to work within your schedule. For visitors from the Kona side, we can arrange a rendezvous spot. For Cruise Ship visitors or Half-Day Tours, you decide the times that work best for you.

Can you recommend any activities on Kona side?

There are sooo many things to do over there that are not available Hilo side, but snorkeling or diving with mantas and swimming with dolphins top our must do list! Our friends at Kona Ocean Adventures do it up right! Their crew is top notch! They are very knowledgeable and practice very ethical viewing practises. And, they are FUN!! We recommend them highly!

Are you offering tours into Leilani Estates or other ares effected by the 2018 eruption?

In deference to our friends and neighbors who are trying to rebuild their lives, we do not offer tours that include Leilani Estates at this time. We do however, offer tours that include driving over the still cooling lava flows from June of 2018 enroute to the newest black sand beach in the world at Issac Hale Park and Pohoiki. Please see our new tours on our "Adventures" page.

Is it possible to see any active lava flows?

In a word, NO. The 61g eruption is considered ended. For the first time in 35 years there is no flowing, red lava anywhere on the island. There is still plenty to see and experience, though! This is a volcanically active island and there are plenty of opportunities to see evidence of this through steaming fumeroles, sulphur banks, and recent cooled lava flows. See our "Adventures" page for more information on the possibilities.