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Check-in for our occasional spotlight, highlighting a particular natural event or organism, usually focused on the unique collection of plants and animals who have made their way, through wind, waves, or weather, to the islands of Hawaii.

A Fern by any other Name

This week's Nature Note is really a PS (Post Script) to last week’s post about living with cockroaches and centipedes. You may be thinking, “Oh no. What creature now?” and you would be excused for thinking that, but this week’s note is about a fern. (Fern- even the name is much more pleasant than centipede, yes?) There are several types of ferns that grow in the wild in Hawai’I, but the one we are concerned about today is a non-native but naturalized fern that in Hawai’i goes by the name Laua‘e. Worldwide it goes by many names: Maile-scented Fern, Monarch Fern, and Wart Fern. Native to Oceana, and Tropical Asia it is now found in many tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is a s

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