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Check-in for our occasional spotlight, highlighting a particular natural event or organism, usually focused on the unique collection of plants and animals who have made their way, through wind, waves, or weather, to the islands of Hawaii.

Almost Paradise?

Ok. Time to address the boar on the lanai. Hawai’i Island, at 19.5 degrees North latitude, lies firmly in the tropics (or at least the sub-tropics if we are going to split degrees.) We are, indeed the de-facto southern most of all the United States, lucky to experience mild weather all year round. With this comes a fact of tropical living that many people perceive as being a downside, believe it or not. And that is: there are cockroaches and centipedes that live here! And sometimes, IN OUR HOUSES (cue the ‘dread’ music)!! The myths about these warm weather animals are legion. They inspire great passion in some excitable people who exclaim that we need to “destroy them all with fire!” Oh my.

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