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Check-in for our occasional spotlight, highlighting a particular natural event or organism, usually focused on the unique collection of plants and animals who have made their way, through wind, waves, or weather, to the islands of Hawaii.

The Black Witch

Years ago our family lived for a time in Costa Rica. Our electricity-less, palm-frond-roofed living quarters had an outside shower, which we all loved. A trip to the “bath house” was often the naturalist’s candy store; columns of leaf-cutter ants shuffling along with leaves to feed their fungus farms, toucans with rainbow beaks chattering away at our presence, an algae-covered sloth sloooooowly making its way back up the tree, a stealthy snake slinking back to its burrow under the house- all, an endless delight. The evening cacophony of sounds heralded the appearance of the nocturnal critters- harmless whip scorpions hunting along the walls, a flutter of bats dipping along the river surface-

I Scream, Corals Scream, We ALL Scream (for the proper) SUNSCREEN!

Hawai’i! Tropical sun, swaying palms, active volcanoes, sandy beaches, snorkeling with the fishes - living the aloha life! First, better lather up on sunscreen- Right? WHOA! Even if you do not go into the sea, by spraying on your sunscreen, (which mostly ends up in the wind anyway- bad for the environment AND waste of money!), or simply by showering-off after your day out, your sunscreen can end up in the ocean. Without careful choices, your chemical protection from the sun could make you a direct threat to this struggling, fragile ecosystem! Coral reefs are actually made up of millions of tiny animals, called “polyps”, living in stone houses that they build. These are the stony corals. The

A Passion for Lilikoi'i

One of the many treats that Hawaiians look forward to is when the Liliko’i “go off,” heralding the time when the Liliko’i fruits ripen and fall off the vine. This makes for some lovely snacks while on a stroll or later, in preserved jams or syrups. When they arrived in South America, Christian missionaries named the Liliko’i “Passion Fruit,” not passion as in *ahem* physical passion, but as in (cue the heavenly chorus) the Passion of the Christ, so named because of its physical attributes of color, number of stamen parts, and other symbolic features representing various associations with Christ. In 1923, a Mr. E. N. Reasoner brought the seeds to Hawai'i and they have done very well here sin


Aloha all! As many of you know, I have an interest in animal mysteries. At Hale Holoholo we have a brand new mystery, again featuring several of our housemates, the Green Anoles (see previous post). We have about 4-8 running around chasing flies, gnats, the occasional cockroach nymph, and generally earning their keep - which involves no output on our end except for providing shelter- our kind of pet. Lately though, instead of hanging around in our houseplants or hunting on other vertical surfaces, they have taken to traversing the horizontal surfaces of our floors, forcing us to watch our step to avoid an unfortunate crunchy misstep. Mystery! I have seen as many as 3 at a time walking calmly

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